Loose Ends Selectors #2 – Dave Moloney

Dave grew up in Oola, a small village in Co. Limerick. His parents were in a band and records were always played in the house, through some cousins he discovered hip hop and groups like The Prodigy. It didn’t take long until he was buying records regularly, starting out with trance and progressive before finding the deeper sounds of house music.

It was going out in Limerick a little later on, and going to nights like WTF in Baker’s Place (RIP) and meeting like minded music fiends that he heard the music that has stayed in his bag and close to his heart, US House and Techno, disco and funk.

Dave is a regular at the backwardS parties, either on the dance floor or behind the decks and feels like it is a place that he’s lucky to be a part of, with a great crew of people.

“The idea for this mix was to be an introduction to Spring. We’ve had a very, very long winter and I think we all need a little warmth in our lives after it all!”

What’s your favourite funk/disco track?
It’s always changing, but right now it’s Aquarian Dream – It Ain’t Whatcha Say

Can you explain what Yurt means for the rest of the country!
Yurt means yes, although I’m not from the city so I’ve never said it in my life!

What bit of hardware do you like the most?
Well I have an MPC 1000 but I’m ashamed to say I’ve barely used it, all in good time though.

Moodymann or Theo?
That’s a tough one! I definitely own more Theo records, but that’s only cos he represses all the time. Both are incredibly unique, I gotta go with Moody though, there’s something lurking in the depths of Moody’s tracks!

Favourite record shop?
Plugd in Cork has always been great, I haven’t been since they moved though. Road trip is on the cards 😉

If you had to pick a “last tune” for a set what would it be?
For a proper wind down I’d go with Harlem River Drive by Bobbi Humphrey

Where the best venue to DJ at in Limerick?
Hands down backwardS, there’s nothing else quite like it. I’m excited about the Record Room, a new venue only recently opened. I haven’t played there, yet!

This is a tough one! What’s you favourite record out of your collection?
Horrible making me choose, but if pushed I’d have to go with Falling Up by Theo Parrish, heard it many times over the years but it was on the dance floor at a backwardS party. Frawl played it new years a couple of years back and it swept me away that night. It’s a proper masterpiece.