Loose Ends Selectors #3 – Island Times

Loose Ends Selectors #3 – Island Times

Cathal aka Island Times grew up in suburbs of Galway city. Discovering sample-based hip hop in his early there lead him in the direction of the obscure funk and soul records that he’s playing today. He has been a resident DJ at Electric Garden in Galway for the past 2 years. A great club that has quality DJs playing regularly, locals like Epoch and The Disconauts as well as international acts and DJ’s  like Sadar Bahar and Antal. Moving to Dublin in 2015 he met Pablo of Fatty Fatty Phonographics and put out a track on their most recent record “International Disco Mafia”. Cathal joined the Telephones collective in Dublin and recently played his first headline gig in the city at Yamamori Tengu earlier this month. Keep an eye out for original productions from Island Times that are set to be released later this the year and early next year!

We heard your track Alive and Kickin’ on Fatty Fatty Phonographics. Do you have anymore releases in the pipeline? 

Yeah, have some house tracks that I’ve been working on for a bit coming out but I can’t say too much just yet. One of which is still up on my YouTube channel, so you can check it out over there before I have to take it down. That one will be coming out on a friend’s label soon. Also, have another edit lined up for Fatty Fatty for their next release.

What record could you not live without?

Ah, There’s actually too many haha! There’s this one record I picked up a couple of years back that I had been looking for for ages. It’s called Ago – For You. It’s a killer Italo disco on the Fulltime label and every single track on the LP is a beast. Definitely one that never leaves the bag!

Who is your favourite DJ/Producer?

DJ wise I’d have to say either Red Greg or Sadar Bahar. They’re just super nice guys and amazing DJ’s. If either of those names are on the bill you just know it’s going to be a good time. Producer wise I would have to say Patrick Adams or Roy Ayers. I tend to buy anything I come across that has their names in the credits.

Electric Garden is an amazing venue. What makes that spot special for you?

Having a place like that in Galway really helped me and it’s probably the place that got me in to DJ’ing in the first place. Whether it’s seeing one of the sick residents or an international booking, it really is the main spot in the city. Very happy and grateful that they let me play these old records all night up in the Garden every so often!

Where’s your favourite DJ booth in Dublin to play records?

I’d have to say downstairs at Yamamori Tengu. Solid sound system, always a nice crowd and great vibe.

Favourite record shop?

In Dublin, Spindizzy or Record Spot I would say. Will always find something special when I go in. Really good spots for going through the second-hand crates. As for anywhere else – just any shop that looks like a mess. The places that don’t know what they have are the gold mines! You just have to spend the time in those shops to find the good bits.

What’s your go to track to get the party going?

I’d have to say Candido – Dancin’ And Prancin’. It just works every time!

A question we love ask! Moodymann or Theo?

For a DJ set I’d have to say Theo, a good long 4+ hour set and you can’t go wrong. But for tracks, it’s close, but I’d have to say Moodymann.